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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> huh? >> is that a threat? >> no it's not a threat. sweetheart. i'm on parole. are you trying to send me back already? >> we will keep you posted on suge knight. keep you posted. see you on monday. paragraph the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> as the 1940s song jimmy used to sing fame if you win it comes and goes in a minute. >> mitt romney not running he can't raise money because jeb bush took so many of his contributes or so they say. tonight, we will have the inside story of the republican battle. >> ♪ for mike brown and. >> after the factor reported earlier this week that two attorneys paid by new york city participated in a hateful anti-cop video, all hell is breaking loose. we'll have an update tonight. >> big super bowl coming up. you guys jacked up? [cheers] >> also ahead, watters
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world, the super bowl edition. >> who do you think is going to win? [crickets chirping] >> caution, you are with to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. romney says no. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. for about three weeks mitt romney was running, making speeches, trying to raise money, putting his finger up into the wind. here is what the wind told him. don't do it. governor says many of his previous donors, big money people are now committed to jeb bush, so he is not running for president in 2016. but there is something else in play here. according to a recent fox news poll, there was some bad news for governor romney. the question do you think romney would have done a better job as president than barack obama yes 43%, no
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50%. 6% don't know. you have to assume republicans would say yes democrats no. so the swing vote against romney in that poll came from independence. just the people he would need to defeat hillary clinton. that poll question was very bad news from mitt romney now let's look ahead republican nominee without mitt romney in a race. jeb bush 15% of registered republican voters? >> mike huckabee 13%. rand paul 13%. ben carson 10%. scott walker rounds out the top five at 9%. so that means it's anybody's race. most of the republican contenders have a chance. for those men it might be well to look back and see why hit romney ran the last time around. two weeks before the vote in 2012, romney was leading in the national polls. in the last week of the campaign dominated by super storm sandy coverage. romney disappeared. adding to that, in the last
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debate with barack obama on foreign policy, the governor stumbled badly. he did not confront the president with the benghazi debacle. that was inexplicable, a huge plunder. as i said before, i don't believe mitt romney really wanted to win the presidency. it could have been subconscious. but no aggressive candidate would do what he did. barack obama had massive trouble with the economy and his foreign policy was beginning to unravel. yet, governor romney did not exploit those key things. again, in expolitic cable. this time, against the very powerful and well-funded hillary clinton, the republican candidate is going to have to it be charismatic, daring and coherent. actually a good thing for republicans that mitt romney is not running. now somebody new will be on that big stage. but they better be ready for a bruising battle. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from oklahoma city republican pollster chris wilson and from chicago, real clear politics
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executive editor tom bevin. so, am i making any mistakes here mr. bevin? >> no, bill. i think you have got it right. i think it is good news for republicans that romney isn't running. it gives them a chance to go with a fresh start. i think you are right. i think a lot of republicans thought that that race against barack obama in 2012 was winnable and romney was a poor candidate and squandered opportunities to win that race. >> we have never been able, and i hate to admit this to the folks because we usually get to the bottom of it. we have never been able to find out why the romney campaign, we invited him on the factor, would have given him the whole hour the night before the vote, barack obama turned us down. i had talked to his guy, axelrod myself. and we offered the whole hour free i would go wherever he was, not only us he turned down everybody mr. bevin, all right, in the last days of the campaign. it made no sense. have you found out what
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happened? jooz in terms of why romney lost that race? >> why he wouldn't do any media why he disappeared after sandy. why he was so passive in the last days of the race? >> not not really there really isn't an explanation. sandy i think can did freeze that race a little bit. certainly romney after a strong first debate performance didn't perform well in the next couple of debates. the. >> if you disappear for a week before the vote, you are going to lose, that's exactly what happened to mitt romney. all right now mr. wilson now the polls this early don't really mean anything because some of the republican contenders like the governors, they are not really well known. if they decide to run they will get better known. but judging from what we have in front of us, it looks like jeb bush is the frontrunner, correct? >> yeah, he is that's the important thing to keep in mind here is mitt romney wasn't going to be the republican nominee. really what he could do is
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take votes away from jeb bush, chris christie some of the other moderate establishment candidates. now that he has pulled out and like you said he was losing donors and losing support. now what you have got a name id contest it. ask a poll two different ways. ask a name one thing open format it says different thing. republican voters who they're looking for and who they believe is the best alternative. who can beat hillary clinton, republicans are desperate to win in 2016. the person who has the most name i.d. who which comes to the top which says to me we are going to have a wide open base. fought on the dynamics you just mentioned. >> jeb bush has a big advantage, mr. bevin he has a big advantage because he has the bush machine. he has got the money. got the name although the name cuts both ways that a lot of people don't want to see another bush in the white house. the other candidates of the other candidates who do you think right now is the dark
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horse, the barack obama of the republican party? that's a good question. i don't know if i would call him dark horse. mike pence of louisiana. governor mike pence, john kasich has made rumblings about jumping into this race as well. i agree with chris i think it's wide open and it's going to be -- interestingly, bill, it is shaping up to it be an old versus new. mitt romney part of the old. mike huckabee part of the old. new faces scott walker, michael -- marco rubio, rand paul. country is looking for a fresh face. >> any one of those guys at this point that you say look, if i have 100 bucks i go to vegas. odds are real bad. i could strike it rich here. putting my money on. >> grass roots who are they getting excited about. south carolina? they really get excited about -- >> -- krauthammer said heed put his money on rubio as a long shot deal. that's what i'm wanting you
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guys to do. >> i think you look to the senate. i would look at ted cruz. marco rubio, rand paul. of the senate grass roots seems excited about right now. senator ted cruze of texas. i see grass roots getting excited about. >> that's interesting. >> i would have to go with scott walker at the moment. a conservative governor who has won three times in a blue state. and he is he a guy who could potentially ignite the tea party wing and establishment wing and bring them together. i would put my money on walker right now. >> walker it will be interesting going up against pence and casic and texas governor because they are all kind of running on economic platform. rand paul has got trouble with terrorism though. that's his big deficit right? >> yeah, no question. it's been a challenge for him. you go ahead point to a lot of candidates. point to cruz one person who can ignite the moderate establishment group libertarian group christian conservative group and tea party group. you have got to be able to bring all four of those together. that's where you get into
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scott walker may be able to bring in moderate establishment. mike pence christian conservative. moderate establishment. someone all four that's why i went with cruze. >> very interesting. i appreciate it. when we have a brand new bill o' poll for you. we have listed all the republican folks who may run for president. and we would like you to vote for one. poll is open for everybody. you don't have to be a premium member. everybody can vote on this go to bill o' and check it out. next on the rundown is there a lobbying group for terrorists right here in the u.s.a.? yes, there is. we will tell what you it is. then later and gutfeld and mcguirk on marshon lynch aka the beast. also michelle obama not wearing head covering in the arab world. factor is coming right back. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something.
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impact segment tonight. is al jazeera english a tv network really a lobbying group for terrorists. after islamic terrorists killed 10 people in libya this week. carlos van meek ordered his employees not to use the following terms: terrorists militants,islammists, and jihad. they are banned. situation is a little bit complicated the al jazeera organization is funded by the government of qatar an arab state in the persian gulf. in america al jazeera america is based here in new york city and available in 61 million homes across the country on cable. worldwide al jazeera is seen in 270 million households in more than 1440 countries. in the u.s.a. few people can watch the network as i good thing lobbying group for the islamic jihad. it's a huge money loser in the united states al jazeera, right? >> right.
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>> it averages like 20,000 people. >> barely. >> it doesn't even register in the ratings. but overseas it's a fairly profitable enterprise. but the qatar government doesn't really care do they? >> they don't need the money that the network would generate. very popular, second largest media network behind the bbc worldwide. but quated tar itself which is a family business essentially. >> because the royal family run ares the country. >> $200 billion in oil and gas exports every year so that's what's funding this. >> so they are supposed to be our ally. >> right. okay. >> but they put out all kinds of propaganda that help the terrorists and now we see these words are banned and they are banned for a reason. >> well you have got a couple of things that are somewhat condemning of al jazeera. the u.s. embassy 2009, wikileaks actually located. qatary government champion press freedom elsewhere but generally does not tolerate
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it at home. 2001 after the attack on the united states, al jazeera in the arabic world actually was reporting a falsehood, a lie that israelis and jews were told to leave the towers before the attacks took place. >> all right. i don't think we have to convince anybody watching this program around the world that al jazeera is a propaganda outfit. but if they're actively helping the jihad, if they are giving them a platform which they often do because they get exclusives and these guys say all kinds of terrible things and all of that then it becomes a little more problematic. our government doesn't seem to be concerned about that. >> we have air base in qatar. >> we do business with qatar, it's very hard to know who is on which side. right now al jazeera has been linked with muslim brotherhood in egypt. they have been linked with supporting the sunni rebels who are fighting. >> that's because the government of qatar sunni muslim. >> sunni muslimy. >> and sunni is isis and sunni is al qaeda and that's why iran, which is she a
5:16 pm
doesn't like them. >> qatar has denied funding isis and yet had you german officials saying money from qatar. >> we didn't write the check but money men are sending money out. this is interesting. here are some u.s. journalists working for al jazeera. sole dads o'brien remember her on cnn she is over there. joey chen. there is soledad. joey chen cbs news correspondent, there she is. randal pinkston, is he a friend of mine. former cbs news correspondent he is over there. john see again that you recall former nbc news anchor he is there i don't know. there is not enough money on earth for me to work over there. i just don't get it. bottom line, do you believe, adam, that this network is a threat worldwide to the united states and the west? >> that's a very good
5:17 pm
question. i don't think it's a threat to the united states. i think it's backing forces which are a threat to the united states. i think the qatary government is doing what it believes is in its best interest. i think they use the network to forward their interest. but those change every day. there is a man, for instance they embraced hamas, and there was a member of hamas who just four days ago left doah, they are changing their position so it flips. >> all the media in the world, this the is most favorable to terrorists. directly ahead two attorneys paid by new york city participate in a hateful antipolice video after we reported the story, they are now you in big trouble. later, watters world the super bowl edition. those reports after these messages.
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participated in this disgusting display. >> the a first the two attorneys said they didn't know what kind of video it was and that has proved to be false and now they are in big trouble with us is
5:22 pm
geraldo rivera. you used to be a public defender in new york city. >> right. >> you know the world. the city subcontracts out to private firms who hire these guys but the money comes from the taxpayers. >> right. >> what should happen to these two attorneys? >> i think they should be fired and they should be fired not so much for participating in the video. i can see how they can get caught up in that moment. you identify with your clients. >> really? you can see how you can get caught up? >> it is about the perjury it is about the lying it is about the deceit. it is about the knowing misrepresentation of your participation. it's always the coverup. it's not the crime. >> wait a minute. you are an officer of the court. all attorneys are officers of the court they passed the bar, okay? you are telling me it's okay for these guys to go into a situation where there is violence being advocated against police officers. >> it's not illegal. >> not illegal. >> so it's not a crime. >> i heard a legal analyst on the program saying they should be charged with incitement. if you charge them with incitement there would be no rap music because it is all insightful. >> criminal. >> they protect it by the
5:23 pm
first amendment. >> i think they can be disbarred for this. >> i don't think they can be disbarred. they can be fired. they are city employees who lied to city officialser ergo right to work. the relationship with the cops and black and brown communities in this city right now is a tinderbox. de blasio has to come down hard on these attorneys. if he doesn't it will further alienate the police. we don't need any more alienation. >> here is is a terrible story in oregon and it's a sign of the times. >> got a girl 13 madison reid living in a suburb. she has got a neighbor, bradley mccallum about 44 at the time. mccallum is friends with madison's folks. he goes into her house. he puts a hidden camera in madison's room, 13 years old. stays there for years. all right? he is finally caught. he gets two years.
5:24 pm
roll the tape. >> madison reid's mother found the camera hidden in her room last summer. hidden underneath papers and aimed right at her bed. life hasn't been the same sense. >> i don't like to think about it but i think about it all the time all day every day. no choice but to think about it. >> washington county investigators found bradley mccallum placed the camera there he lives on the same street with the reids and good friends with madison's dad. >> we were looking for every excuse to think it was something else. >> state of oregon sentenced the guy two years he probably won't serve that i lived in oregon. progressive state particularly where portland is their laws are very soft on drugs and child abuse and i mean it's just ridiculous. this is so over-the-top. you say? >> first of all this is the justice i would like to it wield. >> any were her father. >> so you would hit him and then you would be arrested. >> it is something that would be so absolutely
5:25 pm
infuriating and outrageous. >> you would hit them. you would give them more time than he got. >> only reason two years to your point. burglary to plant the camera. the offense itself is only a misdemeanor. he would serve less than a year to the actual keeping under oregon law. a couple of developments. number one oregon now with the new bill 2, 3 5, 6 will make it a felony to be a peeping tom if the victim of the peeping is a minor as in this case. >> under 18? >> under 18. so now you have a new law pending in oregon that the o'reilly factor. >> against it. >> the o'reilly factor is should advocate and i think it has a very good chance of passing -- >> -- stop right now. anybody in salem who votes against this bill, i'm going to put your face and your name up on the screen. >> i love that i will join with you. now, also, there is no reason why we can't contact the federal authorities also just because he has been convicted in state court.
5:26 pm
the feds -- >> -- what's the federal beef? >> the child pornography laws as drafted under the federal code are very specific. let me read through them quickly. federal law prohibits the production distribution reception and possession of an image of child pornography using or affecting any means or facility of interstate or foreign commerce. that means if the material such as the computer used to download the image was in any time traveled interstate, in other words they bought it from someone out of oregon, the central law could apply child pornography, you could go after this guy. i maintain under federal law for child pornography, if we are unsatisfied with the sentence let's smack him or at least let's file the criminal complaint and also the family should sue him for every dime he has -- >> -- sure. >> interrupt -- bankrupt that sob and register as a sex offender. >> contact the attorney in
5:27 pm
portland to see if he is interested in getting involved in the case. when is the guy going to be sentenced? >> any time. >> we will get all of that and follow it up. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. gutfeld mcquirk on marshawn lynch emerging as the star of the super bowl. super bowl edition that will surprise you. >> now, big super bowl coming up who do you like? >> i'm not in organized sports. i think it's a lot of social programming and things like that. >> of course. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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up resolved problem segment tonight. what is the real story about jobs in america? president obama says the economy is back. jobs are being created. but data published by the bureau of labor statistics says that all, all the net gain jobs since 2007, 8 years ago have gone to immigrants. all of them. also, that employment for americans born here has not returned to prerecession levels. joining us now from washington with the facts. dr. stephan camerota of the center for immigration studies. what is the headline of the government's own stats? >> well, they are about 2 million more immigrants working now than there was in 2000. there is about 1.5 million fewer native born people working. so what job growth there has been has all gone to the foreign born.
5:32 pm
>> why have a 1.5 million americans left the marketplace? >> well, some of them are unemployed. that is some of them are looking but haven't found. then there is this huge massive growth several hundred thousand in the last few months of people who have just given um. they don't look for jobs and they don't have one. that's called being not in the labor force. that hasn't been improving. we have seen a decline in the number of people who are actively looking who say hey i looked in the last four weeks. that's the unemployment number. the number completely out of labor force, that really hasn't been improving. what we see is that what job growth there has been has mostly or entirely in the long term gone to immigrants both legal and illegal. >> let's break that down now. the government doesn't do illegal aliens take this many jobs illegal people with green cards take this many. they just lump them both together right? >> that's right. >> all right. >> but we do have some idea hot illegals are in this data. >> all right. i will get to that so you say that 2 million more
5:33 pm
immigrants are working now in america than they are in the year 2000 it. 2 million immigrants laura ingraham contends that they have taken jobs away from the american born worker. is that true? >> there is certainly some evidence for that. what we have is a kind of contentious debate on that question. what we can say is immigrants are gaining jobs throughout the labor market. engineers, software people in the middle office manager or healthcare support and at the bottom janitors, maids, busboys. the immigrants are making gains across the labor market. >> is it the illegal aliens at the bottom. get the green card because of their expertise at the top. is that how it breaks down? >> remember, most people get green cards because they have a family member here. that's a very middle skilled group. probably one in five. one in four hasn't graduated high school. maybe one in three has a college degree. of those kinds of people. the legal immigrant
5:34 pm
population is very diverse in its population levels as well. people get it for skills is a small fraction of new legal immigrants. it's not trivial. the point here is the legal immigrants who have this, you know distribution across all the education groups. they are getting jobs and it looks like the illegals mainly at the bottom are getting jobs too. unfortunately the fraction of native born americans holding a job shows actually almost a 14-year uninterrupted decline. >> and my last question is that the wages for all americans in the marketplace have gone down substantially during the obama administration. is that have anything to do with the immigrant labor force? >> i think it's very fair to say that we are adding so many workers beyond the absorption capacity of the u.s. labor market that yes it is exerting a downward pressure on the wages for a good chunk of the workforce. the question is why is congress actually considering increasing immigration? both skilled and unskilled? remember, the bill they passed last year in the
5:35 pm
senate would have doubled legal immigration in addition to legalizing illegal immigrants. >> all right, doctor. very interesting. gutfeld mcdistinguishing on the first lady in sad did i arabia not wearing head covering. marshawn lynch at the super bowl making a spectacle of the spectacle. the boys moments away. the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. welcome back to showdown! i'm jerry rice here discussing the big race between the tortoise and the hare. my guest is stephanie branton. jerry, i'm going bunny. shocker.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment tonight the beast nickname of marshawn lynch who is using the super bowl to gain an incredible amount of attention. at first he would only say this to the media. >> i'm just here so i don't get fined so you can all sit here and ask me all the questions y'all want to. i'm here so i won't get fined? >> i think he should be co-host of the five yesterday mr. lynch bloviate add little more. >> i don't know what story y'all are trying to get out of me. i don't know what image you are all trying to portray of me, but it don't matter what y'all think, what y'all say about me, because when i go home at night, the same people that i look in the face, my family that i love, that's all i really that matter to me.
5:40 pm
so y'all can go and make up whatever y'all want to make up because i don't say enough for y'all to go put out anything on me. >> here now to analyze bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. he is brilliant. you have to understand this. he is marketing a campaign called beast mode. okay. its gear, he is selling stuff on his web site. is he getting to be famous. he doesn't like -- i think he is sincere he doesn't like the press. who in the public eye likes the press? i mean they are just out there to get you. so what do you say? >> i don't know. i'm more obsessed with this new trend of every name ending in sean. you have marshawn, key sean, no sean and then eric shawn and what about marshawn hannity? that's driving me crazy. look, how would you feel if i agree with you i think this is refreshing because he doesn't use the sports cliches you will never hear i came here to give 110% or we came to play. or the crowd went wild
5:41 pm
because he doesn't even speak. >> he is not thanking the lord for being from. >> is that bad? >> depends on your relationship with the lord. >> now, mcguirk, the super bowl is the ultimate marketing opportunity. you don't get a lot of chances. these guys live in seattle a little far away from madison avenue here in new york. but this guy is making an indelible impression. i mean, i know what is he is doing. >> even though is he getting fined, it's it the cost of doing business. >> $100,000 he has been fined. >> for the media stuff? >> right. first of all regarding the media, you are right, people hate the sports media, at least i do. sports figures faces and on the air or print they savage this guy. i don't blame him. more respect marshawn why don't you hook a brother up. trying to do a job. why do you have to be a big jackass. they won't say that they don't have the nerve.
5:42 pm
he got fined $131,000 a couple times for grabbing his crotch, so he. >> and he has been in trouble with duis. >> he is no saint. >> no. but he is from a rough crew. his father is in prison for armed robbery. he has been convicted six times. wasn't there. raised by a mother who by all accounts, very hard working and grandparents. but the guy has got a foundation out in oakland. he tries to help kids. i kind of like this guy. am i wrong gutfeld? >> no, you know what it is? his nonanswer in itself has become an answer. >> well here's the deal on marshawn lynch. if he gains over 75 yards on sunday the seahawks win the game. if belichick can shut him down and stuff him, the patriots win the game. built, you are missing the big story here sunday may be the super bowl but it's also harry styles birthday, the lead singer of one direction. it's also the beginning of
5:43 pm
national bird watching month which is created to educate the public on wild bird watching and you are sitting here talking about the super bowl. >> are you going to send harry a card? >> i will send harry a card. i think we should take some calls tony you are on with with bill o'reilly, what do you think. >> i just told you what happened with the super bowl take it to the bank. saudi arabia, roll the tape where the first lady was visiting with the president because the king passed away. now you notice there is no head covering there mcguirk. >> yes. >> and in the arab world, and you notice that nobody touches or she is not allowed to touch any men. and you say? >> well, she did shake hands with the king. king -- the heir to the throne whatever. i say that this whole thing, first of all i don't buy into the notion that this was a ruiz to perpetuate that obama is not a muslim. i don't believe that i hear
5:44 pm
she left it on a plane and got rolled up inadvertently in obama's prayer rug. >> she had worn a head scarf? pakistan. >> this is the first time i'm proud to be an american. >> first time. >> the only time. >> in your life? >> exactly. this is an example of what i say o.m.s. obama messiah syndrome. something old that has happened before suddenly seen as new because it's the obama white house. plenty of americans have gone to the middle east without head scarves, had you condoleezza rice. >> you don't have to do it in saudi arabia. >> it's a nonstory but because there were some tweets angry tweets which now constitutes a story. >> that's all it is anonymous angry tweet. of course what i said was a joke. she did exactly the right thing. these people live in the mid evil times. welcome to the 21st century. >> you are guesting but she did do the right thing? >> no, i'm serious. >> she sent these pinheads over in saudi arabia a message. tweet women better.
5:45 pm
that's why she did it. >> that's not enough. >> not enough for you? >> we should be fracking. we should be -- no, because we got to stop depending on that part of the world for oil. that's a bigger deal. >> you are tieing it in to the keystone pipeline. >> absolutely, america. >> all right. there they are everybody. harry styles. watters on deck. the super bowl edition. need i say more? right back. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪
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back of the book segment tonight, watts world the super bowl edition. now, this seeing; we did something a bit different. watters asked some folks in colorado about the super bowl. but he made up fictitious teams. ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
>> big super bowl coming up. you guys jacked up? [cheers] >> jets vs. the dolphins. who do you guys think is going to win. >> the dolphins. >> i like the little dolphins. they are really cute. >> i'm rooting for the dolphins, i live in miami. >> jets. >> this is so scary how many home run ares do you think the dolphins are going to have to make in order to win the game? >> seven. >> practical joke, right? >> big year for the dolphins undefeated do you think marino is going to win his first super bowl ring? >> hopefully. >> what is this? a rewrite. >> i played football. i was end guard and tackle. i sat at the end of the bench and guarded the water cooler and tackled anybody who came near it ♪ >> we are going to tell me
5:50 pm
your opinion on it? >> on the shrinkage of the balls? >> a lot of ball shrinkage going on. what's up with that? >> what are you talking about? >> don't look at me like that. >> now, the kicker are you talking about? >> now the kicker for the jets has six toes. >> is he kicking barefoot? >> yeah, barefoot kicker. >> i'd have to see those toes. >> they're kind of gnarly. >> he's born like that then that's how he is. >> six is a good number. >> you like six? >> i like six and nine. >> jets running back just tested positive for marijuana. do you think the league should let him play? >> i think now that it's becoming legal in the united states it's not as big of a deal. >> i don't see how it affects the way you play football. >> he's having a good year. >> yeah. >> are you kidding me? >> they just announced the halftime show. it's going to be meatloaf. >> hey ma, can we get some
5:51 pm
meatloaf? >> it was going to be katy perry. she dropped out. >> the old people like it. >> i can give you two reasons. >> yeah. >> i do like meatloaf. >> i can make some meatloaf for you some time. >> that sounds scrumptious. >> mrs. robinson you're trying to seduce me. >> one of the dolphin players is an illegal alien. >> what happens to most illegal aliens? >> they stay. >> he should be allow today play. i mean, he's illegal so technically i don't think he should be allow today. >> deport him, if he loses he gets to stay if they win. the first female place kicker ever in the nfl, what do you think that means for womens rights? >> they should give her an opportunity to do that. >> you need to do what you need to do so girls like me can get a chance. >> what's her name? >> elizabeth warren. >> okay. >> she's also part cherokee indian. she's got that going for her
5:52 pm
too. you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news channel? >> yes. >> he went to harvard. >> that's right. >> he likes to remind people of that. you ever seen "watters' world"? >> the kevin costner movie? >> i'm watters and this is my world here. >> well, there's a new horse in the neighborhood. >> i think i'm speaking for everybody, that was really stupid. >> it was your idea. >> that was the dumbest thing i've ever seen. [ laughter ] watters. >> yeah. >> that's a single shot i don't want to be associated with after that, is being attacked by vermont people, is that right? >> that's right. these high school students in bennington are mad because i went up to bennington a little while ago and did a "watters' world." we asked about isis, immigration, obama, and they didn't do very well. so now they're putting a video out and they're challenging my journalistic integrity. >> oh, man. >> can you believe that?
5:53 pm
>> that's big. >> right. >> that's big. >> and i learned all about journalism from you. >> right. >> so they're challenging you too. >> so let me get this straight they're challenging your journalistic integrity the man that just told these people in colorado that stossel was playing in the super bowl. >> that's right. >> you on monday are going to reply to these pinheads right? >> we are going to have a vigorous defense of my -- point by point. >> vermont get ready. watters is after you. don't say anything. "the factor" tip of the day, is inheritance, getting money from dead people, a good thing? the tip moments away. he flu with a runny nose. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plus runny nose. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. mommy! hey!
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re-ing up your membership, you get any one of my books free of charge. how great is that deal? check it out on premium membership. you'll like it. and now the mail. michael, florida. o'reilly, you are lying when it comes to bowe bergdahl. desertion requires that a soldier not return to his unit of his own volition. bergdahl was captured and could not return, you dolt. i'm tempted to say don't be a pinhead, but i fear it's too late. if you read the army's manual for courts martial, you will find a number of types of desertion. you cite just one of them. so let me set you straight "type two desertion" the accused quit his unit, organization or other place of duty with intent to avoid required hazardous duty or shirk a required." that's what bergdahl could be
5:57 pm
charged with. new jersey, bill you continue to be the ultimate contortionist twisting every which way in not condemning barack obama for the bergdahl debacle. i need facts to condemn, tom. so if you have evidence that the president is covering up the bergdahl investigation you have that evidence. please forward it to me immediately. if you do not have those facts, you are a vigilante in your condemnation. barbara, indianapolis o'reilly, you asked colonel peters how long the white house could get away with dragging out the bergdahl case. well, as fast and furious, benghazi, the irs scandal been resolved? excellent observation. new jersey, bill you call a lot of people pinheads what does that mean? the head of a pin is small joe, not nearly large enough to house a brain. richard, scotland bill i stay up until 2:00 a.m. to get your unique view on the news and really like the humor you and
5:58 pm
miller have. you notice humor with the u. aurora colorado, i used to live in that town. mr. o, when you go to new mexico you should eat up at the range cafe just up the road. thanks for the tip. looking forward to the don't be a pinhead show at the santa ana star center on april 11th outside albuquerque. very few seats remaining in memphis. they are premium seats. when you are very close you can see miller's beard and what's going on there. details on kathleen smith, waco texas. my mom betty turns 90 on saturday. happy birthday betty. my mom turns 92 in may. and finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day. new program called strange inheritance getting very good
5:59 pm
ratings on our sister channel fox business network. the premise of the program is anchor interviewing americans who have been given very unusual inheritances. >> this is what i was talking about. >> whoa. you promised guns. you got a lot of guns. >> guns galore. >> what's this gun? >> this is a sawed off shotgun that was carried by the barro. >> like bonny and clyde? >> you want a piece of history. >> whoa, it's heavy. >> all right. "the factor" tip of the day, strange inheritance airs monday through thursday 9:00 p.m. on fox business network. and they have a special encore saturday on the fox news channel at 8:00 p.m. so check it out. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, which is different from also we like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a
6:00 pm
mooncalf when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching tonight. ms. megyn is up next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight ugly new fallout in the obama administration's release of five taliban generals just 24 hours after we learned one of these men attempted to return to terror. with some folks high up in this administration tonight sounding very much like they are looking for some cover. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. fox news confirming yesterday that at least one of these five taliban generals has attempted to return to terror. late last year the obama administration released them from guantanamo bay. and it was roundly criticized for doing that even by top democrats like dianne feinstein. the administration returned them to the gulf nation of qatar in exchange for the release of captured


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